MultiSurf - relational 3D surface modeling


This is New in MultiSurf – version 9.0


Entities Manager

The Entities Manager has been expanded in several ways. Among other things, all selected entities are now highlighted with their names against a blue background, not just the last selected entity. This makes seeing what is selected more apparent. The Entities Manager also allows shift-click selecting within a branch making multiple selections within a branch of the hierarchy tree much simpler.


Model Subview

Model Subview is a new view window in MultiSurf. It is very similar to the Model Window. Model Subviews allow any selection of entities to be displayed and edited separately. This allows work on a model to be organized clearly and practically.

Model Window and Model Subviews for the construction of hull surface and appendages

Model Subviews make it possible to access the various aspects of the construction in a targeted manner. For example, the Model Subview “edit-hull” could only contain the essential entities for shaping the hull. If something needs to be varied on the hull, one only needs to select this special view and then makes the desired changes in it. The screen is much clearer, entities that are not important for the work step do not overlay the entities for the hull modeling, i.e. less screen clutter.

All changes in Model Subviews naturally affect the entire model. If, for example, the Model Window shows the final surfaces, one can immediately see how the changes in the Model Subview "edit hull" will affect them.

Model Subviews are an alternative to the organization of complex geometry models with the help of layers and entity lists. With just a few mouse clicks, one can switch back and forth between special construction views, details and views for the overall design.