Flattener – plate expansion

Flattener is a utility program for expansion of compound-curved plates and true developable plates individually or in groups. It is based on AeroHydro’s unique technology (patented), which takes explicit account of the variable distribution of in-plane strain required to produce the specified 3D curvatures. Flattener runs as a MultiSurf macro.

Flattener enables accurate layout and NC cutting of flat blanks which, through application of a suitable compounding process (e.g. die pressing, roller planishing, peening, line heating, etc.), evolve into curved pieces precisely fitting their prescribed positions on the product.

The basic process is to design the 3D surfaces in MultiSurf, then use Flattener to calculate the flat shapes. Output is in the form of DXF files that include (for each pattern):

Flattener can also expand Triangular Meshes and Composite Surfaces using the alternative flattening technology "TMFlat" (Triangular Mesh Flattening).