Flattener Technical Features

Compound-curved plate expansion and true developable plate expansion

  • Interactive interface
  • Runs as a MultiSurf macro
  • Expands plates individually or in groups

Forming processes supported (partial list)

  • Matched die pressing
  • Spherical die pressing
  • Explosive forming
  • Peening
  • Roller planishing
  • Kraftformer
  • Assembly under stress
  • Line heating

Individual plate settings

  • Thickness
  • Strain angle

Global options

  • Forming process constraint: expansion only, contraction only, or both
  • Strain parameter: ratio of least to greatest strain produced by the forming process
  • Triangle mesh style used for creating input data: forward, reversed, or alternating diagonals

Documentation and on-line help

  • Comprehensive, illustrated manual
  • Discussion and examples covering the process from making files in MultiSurf through plate expansion in Flattener
  • On-line help duplicates all the textual information and examples in the manuals


  • DXF files
  • Each output is on a separate layer
  • Expanded outline of each plate
  • Specified point, curve, and contour markings
  • Contour map of strain distribution
  • Triangular mesh utilized for the solution

System requirements

Since Flattener is a MultiSurf utility, the system requirements are those for MultiSurf:

  • PC 64 bit system
  • Windows 7, 8, 10