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MultiSurf version 8.9

  • New functionality in MultiSurf 8.9:
  • Alternative algorithm for Iges export to improve accuracy
  • Technical fixes

MultiSurf maintenance subscribers: download installation file on the Marine Support Site.

NEW! Free MultiSurf License

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NEW! Tutorial Article #17

NEW! B-spline Curves and B-spline Surfaces

B-spline Curves in MultiSurf are easy to shape with a few control points, they do not oscillate, they always start and end in the same way. These geometric properties turn them into very practical freeform curves, for example as master curves for hull, deck or superstructure. B-spline Surfaces as their extension also have more


Automated Variation of Hull Form

The design of a hull form is an iterative process. This process must converge. The iterative steps must therefore be smaller and smaller, the hull shapes are becoming more similar. Inevitably, the point is reached where the shape meets the requirements, only the displaced volume could be a little more


Developable Surfaces in MultiSurf

Whenever the manufacturing capabilities of the builder and/or economic reasons are taken into account in the construction of a boat, the chine hull is selected. Chine form hulls are not commonly looked upon with pleasure and in contrast to round bilged hulls their resistance is increased. However, since the beauty of a boat more


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