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MultiSurf 9.0 - main enhancements

  • Entities Manager: new functionalities, multiple selections much easier.
  • Model Subviews: separate windows for display and edit of any selection of entities.

MultiSurf maintenance subscribers: download on the Marine Support Site.

MultiSurf version 9.0: What's New

Free MultiSurf License

for students and teachers. For more information please see here.

NEW! Tutorial 24 - About Hull Shapes with Vanishing Chine

NEW! The shape of ship and boat hulls is diverse. Modern racing yachts, classic sailing ships and fast powerboats often show the distinctive feature of a partial length chine. This tutorial discusses how to more


About Shape Effects on Lofted Surfaces

The surface of a house top shows unintended concave shaped buttocks, a form effect problem also encountered when fairing hull surfaces. This tutorial describes causes and more


Three Modeling Exercises

This tutorial is about creating the geometry of a catamaran hull for high-speed ferries, a multi-concave bottom of a powerboat and the transition between struts and submarine buoyancy bodies of a Swath more


Components - Part 2

Here in Part 2 deck equipment components are shown, with which models can be given a realistic appearance. Also deck components and two other components that can be beneficial for solving certain geometry more


Components - Part 1

No design looks like the other. But boats, yachts and ships are similar. With components one can save time and effort. A component is a piece of coherent MultiSurf geometry that can be inserted into other models. Instead of creating in the work model the prefered construction for keel, rudder, deck, transom etc. each time entity by more


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